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June 3, 2008
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I Dare You To Move – pg 5
By Butterscotch WM
A Cindy Lou x JoJo pairing!

There was no such thing as a quiet day at the McDodd residence.  It was shortly after school and many of the Mayor’s girls were already pouring into through the front door, chatting in their high-pitched squeals, giggling and twirling their colorful locks of hair.  Sally McDodd was just walking out from the kitchen, ready with open arms as each of the girls ran to take their turn at giving mommy a hug.

“Mommy!!  Mommy!”  The first girl happily cried out as she ran into her mother.

Looking down, Sally recognized one of her younger daughters, Hooley, who was about four years old.  She bent over and wrapped her in a big bear hug and kissed her on the forehead.

“Hi, hun!  How was your day?”  Sally asked cheerfully.

“I made it all the way across the hopscotch today, mommy!” Hooley exclaimed with big, shining blue eyes.  “All by myself at recess!”

Sally smiled brightly, hugging her daughter tightly, “Good job, sweatheart!  WOW!  I’m so proud of you!”

Hooley grinned merrily before she was pushed out of the way by one of her older sisters.

“Mom!  Mom!” she squealed.

Sally recognized her daughter as Bianca– one of the more eager girls who had a passion for fashion – her hair was bundled up in twisted curls, exploding out of her head in vibrant colors.  She was about nine years old.

“Mom!”  Bianca cried, “Guess what?  I was voted student of the week!”

“Wow, good job, honey!” Sally said, pulling her into a tight hug.

Once they let go, Bianca happily skipped off, letting the next wild girl in line get a chance to glomp her mother.

Things continued like this for Sally – each girl had something exciting and thrilling to tell her about school that day.  It wasn’t until a couple minutes later when the front door opened again to reveal two young high school boys, strolling into the house.  One walked in dribbling a volleyball while the other followed closely behind, keeping his head low and his eyes out of sight.

Looking up, Sally instantly recognized the two boys.  She took a minute to try and stand up out of the crowd of vivacious girls reaching toward her to try and say something to them.

“Hey, boys!” she managed to cry past the screams of her daughters.

The two boys stopped and turned to her – spotting her amongst the sea of ninety-six girls.

Adin was the first to smile, “Hey, Mrs. McDodd!”  He waved to her and tucked his volleyball under his other arm.

JoJo merely looked at her and managed to give a small wave.

Just then, it was Halley’s turn to give Sally a hug.  She threw her arms out and leaped on top of her mother.  She staggered to catch her, bringing her arms around her neck.  She smiled and looked back up to JoJo and Adin.  “How was your day at school?”

“Great!” Adin said.  He let the volleyball fall out from under his arm and began to dribble it again.

JoJo looked down and tried his best to keep a smile on his face.  But he decided just to give his mother a thumps-up.

“Oh, Adin, hun – WOHH!” Sally tried to say before she was attacked by another pair of twins.  This time it was Lisa and Lizzy.  “Girls!  Girls!”  She cried, slightly pushing them away as she tried loosening their grips.  When she didn’t succeed, she gave up and reluctantly accepted the tight clasping hugs of her daughters and turned back to the boys.  “Adin, I’m going to be a little busy today, so you and JoJo just help yourself to anything in the fridge – but save the roast beast for dinner tonight!”

“Oh sure thing!” Adin answered back, trying hard not to laugh.

JoJo rolled his eyes.  It was a common sight to see his family members be tackled by his sisters.  With a light tap in the arm, he motioned Adin to keep walking.  And with that, the boys had left JoJo’s poor mother with the rest of the girls.

As soon as they were half-way down the hall, Adin couldn’t help but turn to JoJo and start to smirk.

“Wow!” he said, continuing to dribble the volleyball. “You know, JoJo, your family never fails to impress me.”

“Tell me about it,” JoJo replied with annoyance as he crossed his arms and blew some of his bangs out of his eyes.

“You’re mom is so busy all the time-“ Adin began.  He was now changing the beat to his dribbling, weaving it back and forth from one hand to the other.  “How does she do it?”

JoJo only shrugged, “Beats me…”

“I mean, seriously!” Adin continued, “I’m an only child and my mom complains that I’M a handful!”

“You’re kidding me,” JoJo said, slightly wide-eyed at the suggestion of a single-child being a burden.  However, when JoJo gave it another thought, he figured it could have been possible if it were in Adin’s case…

“Seriously, what is easier?” Adin asked.  He had stopped dribbling the ball and was now throwing it up in the air.  “Taking care of one teenage boy, or taking care of ninety-six girls all under the age of thirteen?”

“Fourteen,” JoJo corrected, “Joanne just turned fourteen a week ago.”

“Wait, so she’s in the eighth grade then, right?”

“Uhm… yeah,” JoJo nodded, cocking an eyebrow, “and so is Hilary, Bethany, Bonnie, Roxanne, Lilly, Lolly, Gertrude, Vanessa, Mackenzie, Julie-“

“WOOOOWWW – OK!!!”  Adin said, flailing his arms out for him to stop.  Consequently, he missed the volleyball on its way down and it hit the floor, bouncing down the hall, as if fleeing the sight.

“What?  That’s not all!” JoJo said, grinning waywardly.  “There’s still fifteen other girls in the eighth grade!”

“DUDE! – so..” Adin stopped for a moment in astonishment.  For a moment, he was just staring at JoJo in disbelief.  But then he slowly brought his hand up to his face, and started counting his fingers…

JoJo gave him an odd look.

When Adin got to his tenth finger, he looked back to JoJo and gasped, “Wait- so that means you have twenty-five girls in the same grade??”

“Yup,” JoJo nodded.

“Wow, you’re parents must have been busy…” Adin was right - in absolutely every way.

“A little too busy,” JoJo added with a smirk on his face.

“Ok, dude,” Adin said, walking down the hall toward his volleyball, “let’s not make this a sick conversation!”

When he reached the end of the hall (with JoJo following close behind), he leaned over and picked up the ball, anxious to start dribbling it again.  At the end of the hall, there was a window looking out to the back yard.  Adin noticed it as soon as he stood back up.  Looking out at the bright, blue skis, and happily singing birds along with the rustling trees against the breeze, he could instantly perceive it to be a great day to go outside – especially with the volleyball waiting in his right hand, urging him on.

“Ey, JoJo?” Adin asked, still staring out the window.

JoJo’s head perked up, looking to Adin in acknowledgment.

“You wanna go outside?” he turned to JoJo, asking him with pleading eyes.

“Uhm,” JoJo took a look out the window.  The day didn’t appeal to him as much as it did to Adin.  He wasn’t as fond of the broad daylight.  Most of the time he preferred to stay indoors, unless he thought he could go out to work on something that pertained to music.  He never really went outside.  Generally, he favored the dark – hence the reason for his lack of tan and sunshine.

But since Adin was the guest, let alone his best friend, JoJo reluctantly agreed to follow him out into the back yard.

“Sure, let’s go…”

Adin was the first to run outside.  JoJo merely strolled out the door, wincing as he felt the bothersome spring sunshine hit is face.

“We can just hit the volleyball back and forth,” Adin suggested.

“We don’t have a net.”  JoJo carped back.

“That’s cool!” Adin said, grinning, anxiously juggling the ball in his hands as he backed up further across the yard.

JoJo cocked an eyebrow to Adin.  However, he just shrugged it off.  It wasn’t in his place to question Adin’s surprisingly persistent attitude toward sports.

“Whatever,” JoJo said as he got down into a stance.  He held his wrists out, ready to hit the ball.  “You serve.”

At that, Adin immediately tossed the ball up in the air.  It went up as high as it could until it reached its peak, then came back down faster and faster until he finally spiked it toward JoJo.


JoJo watched carefully, keeping his eye on the ball before he lunged forward and upwardly hit the ball with his palms.  


From his many years of playing sorts with Adin, JoJo had become fairly athletic himself.  Later on, he learned to thank him for that because without all that exercise, he wouldn’t have had the endurance to build as much as he could in the observatory.  In a way, Adin had been like his lifetime athletics-slash-conditioning coach as well as his childhood playmate.  However, he never did have a talent in sports, so he knew he could never be as good as Adin.  JoJo’s best day could never be as good as Adin’s worst day.  Nevertheless, JoJo used him as a way to get out of joining sports teams.  One time his mother started questioning whether JoJo should be joining the football or the baseball team like the other boys.  But JoJo blithely replied that he didn’t need to, because he had Adin.

JoJo watched as Adin skillfully lunged forward and spiked the ball again over the invisible net.  POP!  This time, the ball was aimed a little higher than his head.  JoJo brought his right hand up, jumped, and hit it.  WAP!

“So JoJo,” Adin said just before he hit the ball, “did you get a copy of that drama club form thing?”


“Uhm, yeah!” JoJo said, keeping his eye on the ball.


“I kinda forgot to get one,” Adin said.  “Can you fax yours to me?”


“Yeah, sure.”


“So what did it say?”


“Uhm, I don’t know, I haven’t read it yet,” JoJo said.  WAP!  “But I have it in my pocket.”

Instead of hitting the ball again with another POP! Adin caught the ball and decided to walk over to him.  “Take it out, let’s read it.”

JoJo sighed as he reached into his pocket.  He pulled out a folded up, crumpled piece of paper.  He held it out and began to unfold it, while Adin approached his side, leaning in, getting ready to read what it said.

When JoJo unfolded it completely, he started up at the top and began to read it out loud, “To our newest drama club member… We thank you for signing up to participate in our newest musical.  We are excited to have you and we hope you’ll be excited, too.  Our newest production is based on a classic Whoville musical, ‘I Dare You To Move.’”

“Wow,” Adin interrupted, “That sounds dirty!”

JoJo gave Adin a weird glance.

“I Dare You to Move?,” Adin asked, crossing his arms.  “Seriously, who the hell would come up with a name like that??”

“I don’t know,” JoJo said.  “But yea, it sounds like a romance musical…”

“Eeew!!”  Adin said, gagging.  “I hate love stories…  They’re too… gooshy!”

“Oh yea,” JoJo said, nodding in agreement, “With ninety-six sisters, you have no idea how many romance movies I’ve been dragged into…”

“What is it with girls and romance?” Adin said in disgust.

“I don’t know…” JoJo said, “But I hate romance movies.  Most of them are cheesy and they drag out the kissing scenes too long.”

“Word!” Adin agreed.  “Anyways, continue!”

JoJo turned back to the drama club form and continued to read, “This classic musical is a romance written by Darlene Charlau Breighou… Weird name… It was first written in 1912 and has ever since been a favorite among many Whos.  Now, you get the honor of being able to perform in the musical yourself, directed by Mr. Hernandez, your drama teacher.  We are very excited and honored to be able to host a classic musical like this.”

“How long is this intro?” Adin asked, picking at his fingernails.

JoJo briefly scanned down the page, “There’s like, three more paragraphs.”

“Skip those, please!” Adin ordered impatiently, “I don’t need to know that shit.”

“Psh,” JoJo nodded.  He flipped over to the next page where it listed a schedule of all the times and practices and rehearsals.  The first thing he noticed was a big, red, bold print at the top of the page that said “AUDITIONS THIS WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY AFTER SCHOOL UNTIL 5 PM!”

“Auditions on Wednesday and Thursday?” Adin asked, grabbing an edge of the paper so he could read it.  He could have sworn that he felt a sweat drop down the side of his face, “We have to audition?”

“Apparently.. YES!” JoJo said sarcastically, not looking any more excited than Adin.  It was easy to tell that Adin didn’t know much about drama.

JoJo looked below the print, looking for any other information about the auditions.  He found a paragraph below and began to read it out loud, “All drama club members will be required to audition either this Wednesday or Thursday after school.  This is a MANDATORY.  Anyone who does not audition will not be cast in the musical… Whoever is auditioning will need to come prepared with a-“

JoJo stopped short at what he was about to read.  He silently gasped and firmly clutched the paper.  Adin gave an odd look and glanced up from the paper up to see a very pale JoJo staring at it with wide eyes.

“What?” Adin asked, “What’s wrong?”

“It says,” JoJo said shakily, “That we need to come prepared with… a song…”

Adin spun toward JoJo, “A SONG?!”

“Y-yea!” JoJo said, gulping the information down his throat, “To sing... in front of the casting department.”

“Awh MAN!” Adin cried out in annoyance, “This sucks!  If that’s what we have to do for auditioning, then I’m NOT going to get a part!”

JoJo tugged at his collar, feeling stage fright already.  “This…” he said, “is going to suck…”

“I mean, seriously,” Adin said, “I couldn’t sing to save my life!  Even my aunt thinks I suck.”

“Well…” JoJo thought, trying to think of what to say, “… well, I’m just going to be nervous as hell!”

Adin smiled at JoJo and put a friendly hand on his back, “That’s ok, JoJo!  We can sing badly together!”

JoJo scoffed and crossed his arms.  He knew very well that he was quite an excellent singer, and his voice wouldn’t be the problem on his part.  He looked up to Adin and was about to make a sarcastic response, thinking it was a joke - but then he stopped.  All he looked up to was Adin’s innocent, comforting smile.  There was nothing teasing about it….

Was he serious?  JoJo thought.  About singing badly??

It nearly wiped the smile off of his face.  But then all of a sudden JoJo realized…

Oh my gosh… Adin has never heard me sing before…

And it was true.  Out of the ten years they knew each other, he never heard him sing (well, at least not in the past few years, that’s for sure).  It was never in JoJo’s position to be open about himself.  He rarely ever sang outside of the observatory – and whenever he did, it was when he was sure that he was alone.  Adin never sang because he knew he wasn’t good.  Although, JoJo had heard Adin sing a few times when he was listening to his iWho (and JoJo had to admit that he really wasn’t the best singer in the world).  But as a whole, they both didn’t sing because it wasn’t “manly” or “cool” around the other guys.  So really, the subject of singing had never passed their minds while they were hanging out.

But this made it all the more pressuring on JoJo.  Not only did he have to reveal his talents to the entire cast and casting department, but to Adin as well – who’d probably be the most surprised.

As JoJo was thinking this through, Adin could detect the lack of certainty in his face, “JoJo?” he asked.

No response.  JoJo continued to stare off into space through the parts of his black, raven hair.

“Uh… JoJo?” Adin said, bending down to his height, waving his hand out in front of him, “Que Paso?”

JoJo’s eyes shot back into focus and he glanced up at Adin, “Oh.  Sorry…”  He lightly put a hand to his forehead, furrowing his eyebrows.  This next week, he knew, was going to be tough.

Adin gave him a confused look, wondering why he was going all blank-faced on him.  But, thinking he could read his mind, he smiled and put a hand on his shoulder, “Hey, we might not get a good part, but it’ll still be fun, right?”

JoJo snorted.  Just before school, Adin was being all stand-offish about the whole drama situation in the first place.  If it weren’t for Cindy Lou, Adin, nor he, would have been in the musical.  If Adin was looking for fun, it certainly wasn’t singing and acting.

“Well…” JoJo sighed.

“Well, what?” Adin asked.

JoJo smiled, silently laughing at Adin’s naïve behavior.  

He’s reminding me of Dad…

“I’m just wondering what song I’m going to sing,” JoJo finally said.

Adin snickered lightly and took his hand off of JoJo’s shoulder, “Same here…. Same here.”

Omg... I can't believe it! This was frustrating trying to do!!! Deviantart was being a dumbass to me about putting up a literature deviation!!! >.<

So this took forever to put up... But in the end I found out that I was the dumbass and I was being retarded... :unimpressed: BUT IF FIGURED IT OUT!!!

Anyway., YES I know, this had a sucky ending! But I got tired of writing ^^; I thought that by writing this next chapter, I would get it done faster... but apparently not! :o So from now on... I think I'm going back to comic :blush: But in some parts of the story, JoJo's going to have some intellectual moments. So for those, I think I'm still going to do lit :nod:

Yeah! Comments, plz!
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