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Crash and Burn - Happy Birthday Casey by ButterscotchWM Crash and Burn - Happy Birthday Casey by ButterscotchWM
It's Jack and Jeevan!

ER MAH GERD :iconermahgerdplz:

And *LittleSpaceStars's birthday was like... 5... HUNDRED... DAYS AGO :dummy: YAAAAAAYYY I'm late.

So yeah. Happy Belated Birthday, Casey! :hug: I hope you like your present!

This is a scene from her story "Crash and Burn" which you can read HERE -> [link] And it features some LOVEABLE characters that she's had for quite a while.

So this was basically taking too long to make, and I'm gonna be pretty preocupied with a lot of stuff now (like karate and moving back on college campus and stuff), so I didn't color this. BUT - Casey... you have my permission to do whatever you want with this :| That's why I uploaded the super giant 300dpi version - if you download it. You can color it, add more things to it, replace their faces with memes - whatever.

OR you can do absolutely nothing at all! :XD: Whatever you want!

YYEEEAAAAHHHH BUDDY!!! :iconyeahplz:

Jack and Jeevan *LittleSpaceStars
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NKWhite Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2012  Student Artist

I love how Jeevan's eyes are wrinkled, and it looks like he's about to smack Jack upside the head. :XD: This is awesome. Jeevan's face just makes it all perfect. And the charred window in the back.

ButterscotchWM Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2012  Student General Artist

Hehe thanks :XD: I was hoping that it would actually LOOK like Jeevan... besides the whole fireman gettup.

HAHA thanks :lmao: I mean... the textures on the bench and stuff are actually more like... controlled scribbles, but at least they look decent! XD
LittleSpaceStars Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2012  Student Digital Artist
WHAT. WHAT. WHAAAATTTTT. :iconiwantitplz:


I . . . I can't even fathom how amazing this is. I have lost ability to think. =|

D'OH, ELIZABEETTTHHHHH. I looooooveit. Love it, love it, love iiiiitttt. Holy crap. PFFTT.

I just love how scrawny and small Jack looks compared to Jeevan, even though you can still tell he's tall and gangly for his age. Not to mention awkward. God, Jack's such an awkward child at fifteen. And Jeevan. Oh, Jeevan. D'oh. I'm soooo sorry if you didn't have much to go by, especially with his face and hair; I'm still trying to figure that out myself, so it must've been like, "CASEY. DAFUQ. YOU DIDN'T GIVE ME ANYTHING TO WORK WITH. :iconomgewplz:" I haven't really drawn him too much . . . actually, I haven't draw much of any of my character as of late in their more updated looks, or whatever. Pfft. :lmao: *SHOT*

It looks so amaaaaazing. And-And all the details in the background. It's all whimsical and I like the fact that you added in the trees, which reflects Jack's love for them and how his mom plants things and . . . HOLY BALLS. THE BENCH. Did you sit there and draw in the wood texture? @____@

And I love that the burnt window just pulls it all in. I'm sitting here imagining all the different color palettes I could use, if I were to color this. Like, if it were set at night I could make the window all lit up and play with lighting and . . . *dork* . . . might not go along with the setting of my own story (eeeeveeen though I never said the time *brick'd), but it would still be fun. God, it's going to be awesome coloring this. I don't think I've ever colored lines that look this perfect before. PFFFTT.

Oh my god. Meme faces.

Jeevan: :icony-u-noplz:
Jack: :iconokaymemeplz:

That's what I thought of at the top of my head. PFFT.

But seriously. You didn't have to have to do this, but it's sooooooo awesome. Thank you so much, dude. And I hope that you have better days than yesterday, alright? ;________; :hug: :hug: :hug: <-- Multiply that by like, 9000. Pfft.
ButterscotchWM Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2012  Student General Artist
OH pfffft I just sent you a link to this but I didn't even realize that you already saw it :lmao: *DOH* HERP DERP.

(btw sorry for late reply - I had to go to ka-ra-taaayy as Spongebob would say)

BUT YES!!!! :dummy: I'M SO HAPPY THAT YOU LIKE IT WEEEEEEEE :iconkermityayplz:

OH! Yeah Jeevan :XD: I mean... I found a couple good references of him. Like the one you did of the character line-up and you drew a picture of his face once. So that was enough for me. But yeah, he ended up being a little generic looking... kinda. D:

BUT I think he turned out alright :XD:

DUDE I never really noticed this before, but Jeevan's a SEXY MAN.... especially for his age.... he's a DILF O_____O

OH!... ^^; Ah yes. THAT is why I drew the trees :nod: Yes. Yup. Of course. *had absolutely no fucking idea that Jack's mom plants trees and that Jack likes them which just goes to show how much I fricken pay attention*

LOL yes it actually wasn't hard to draw the textures on the bench and stuff. It was basically just... a controlled scribble :XD: If you zoom in you can see how... scribbly it is.

DUDE. If you color this, I cannot wait to see it :| If you color it like the way you colored that one picture you did of Jack and Nikki having an ice cream date, then it'll look amazing.

HHAHAJSDKJGALKXZHFALSJDFH DSOPPPPPFFFFFFFTTTTTTTT :rofl: Omg memes..... Actually for Jeevan I was thinking more like :iconyoukiddingmeplz: But that one works too :lmao: Probably works better, actually.

LittleSpaceStars Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Ahahaa, that's alright! And you're fine! Yay for ka-ra-taaaayy. :B XDD

I LOOOOOOVE IIITTT! :iconawesomenessplz: <-- does not accurately display my happiness

Oh, pfft! I like how he looks though! I mean, I still haven't gotten the right look for him, so I'm slowly getting there. I'm aiming for that like . . . muscular build, defined jaw (maybe something like Eric Dane, ehehehe *shot*), and this kind of, like . . . I don't know how to describe it. Like, he comes off kind of brooding, but ultimately he's a big softy. It has to do with his past and what-not, which I'm hoping to tell in depth sometime. He's been through shit. PFFT. :lmao:

OH YEEESSS. YES. That . . . that's what he's supposed to be, actually. LMFAOOOO. The guy's a young father who's always on his toes and has to stay active when he isn't sleeping away (which completely contrasts with Jack, pfft), so . . . yeeeeah. Jiya's a lucky woman, let me just say that. Not even fair. DIIIIILFFF. And of course, Jack's impulsiveness is just adding more wrinkles to Jeevan's beautiful face. :rofl: *shot*

Bahaahhaaaaaaa. Huh, well, it was a detail that fit! LOLOLOL. I don't know if you remember, but I wrote a story (god, this was back during the Whos, for god sakes, holy crap) about how Jack plants flowers with his mom. Kind of goes hand in hand with the trees. And that other story where Jack climbed the tree and broke his arm. Almost forgot about that one. Pfft. If anything, the whole planting flowers and trees was something subtle. I haven't put too much emphasis on it. Ahahaa. :lmao:

Well, they are quite the beautiful scribbly textures, if I do say so myself. :iconyoucardplz: XDD

I'm excited to color it! It might inspire me to actually get off my ass and draw my characters. Pffftt. And that would be soooooo much fun if I did it that way. Maybe I'll have to color two versions. Like, a midday/sunset one and a dusk/night one. Auugghh. :D Reminds me of the drawing I was going to do for the short story All I'll Do is Burn Up (WTF is up with Jack and burning, PFFT) since there's a scene at night at the end with a lit up place/window. O__o

OH MY GOD. THAT FACE. THAT FACE. YES. I had that one in mind, but I couldn't put my finger on it! It's like a knew it, but just . . . didn't. I don't even. That's perfect. :rofl:

Jeevan: . . . :iconyoukiddingmeplz:
Jack: . . . :iconokayfaceplz:


ButterscotchWM Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2012  Student General Artist
Yyyyyeeeeees :bucktooth:


Dude, I don't want Jack anymore, ok. I want his DAD.

Ooh I would love to see backstory on that yes.

OH ok :XD: Well... yeah I don't remember too much from the HHaW days to be honest. Just the NikNack stuff.

D'aawww well psssht thanks :iconyoucardplz:

YAAAAY! Lol getting things done by drawing instead of laying around lazily or eating :dummy: Well if you WANT to you could do two versions. Sounds like a lot of work though. Honestly, I totally imagined your story at night. Like it's after school or something and Jack was trying to finish his homework, but he kept on being bothered by what kids said to him earlier on that day in school (you know, cuz of the whole bi thing). He can barely concentrate on homework, so he aimlessly wanders into the kitchen to get some juice but then he finds matches and starts playing with them... thus starting a fire. Idk :bucktooth: Consider that my headcanon to your story.

Yeah. I thought it took place at night.

MAN Jack needs to like.... chill out... and stop burning... :iconincomprehensionplz:
LittleSpaceStars Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Eric Dane is like . . . one of the sexiest older men ever. PFFT. =| *shot* He's well known for his role on Grey's Anatomy, which I will shamelessly admit is one of the main reasons I watch it. He's just so . . . augh, amazing. XDDD

And it's funny . . . Eric Dane's character on Grey's Anatomy reminds me of my character Finn. Like, a freaking lot. I could almost see Finn looking like that when he's older, only he'd be much shorter. :O_o: . . . yeah, so I imagine Jeevan as a mix between Eric Dane and . . . Jensen Ackles, maybe. Something like that. Still debating. Pfft. XDD

EVERYONE WANTS JACK'S DAD. *SHOT* . . . ahahahaa, Jeevan, stop being a DILF.

Yeah, the HHaW fandom's kind of blur. :lmao:

You are so very welcome. :iconohstopityouplz:

Oooh, did you really? :lol: . . . and I fucking love your headcanon. PFFT. In fact, I will now consider that as what happened before the fire. LOL. It sounds like what Jack would do. Seriously. Makes me want to draw it in comic form. Oh my gooodddd. XDDD

Then it shall take place at dusk/night. Sounds good. Plus, that kind of lighting is really fun to color. :B

RIGHT? . . . well, in the other short story he wasn't literally on fire. Pfft. He was metaphorically. :lmao: *SHOT*
ButterscotchWM Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2012  Student General Artist
Lol I don't really watch TV, so... yeah I've never seen Greys Anatomy or Supernatural :XD: Everyone on tumblr keeps saying the Jensen Ackles looks like Rapunzel from Tangled pfft :lmao:

YEESSS headcanon accepted :iconfreddierageposeplz:

Oh yeah! Some time in between like dusk/night is good (lol nobody can say twilight anymore).

Oh... well.. yeah :XD:
LittleSpaceStars Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Yeah, I don't really watch TV either, unless it's Regular Show, Adventure Time, or Gravity Falls. I watch a couple shows on Netflix. Pfft.

And he looks like . . . Rapunzel, or Flynn? LOL. And maybe you're talking about Jared Padalecki, his brother on the show: [link] I used to get their names mixed up because they both start with a J. Pffft. Jared's got the Flynn hair going on. :lmao:

WOO! :dummy:

Ahaaaa, definitely not. XDDD
ButterscotchWM Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2012  Student General Artist
You know, I've watched one episode of Regular Show and Adventure time, and they were both... eehh... to me ^^; Idk. Regular Show doesn't make any sense and it's not that funny to me, and Adventure time seems to just be about a love Triangle between Flynn, the Fire Princes, and that pink lady... Princes Bubblegum or something? Idk ^^; (excuse me for being ignorant). But Gravity Falls, on the other hand, I really like :lmao:

..... No yeah, people on Tumblr keep saying that Jensen Ackles looks like Rapunzel and yes, they also say that Jared Padlecki looks like Flynn, too. :iconwthplz: I don't know. People on tumblr worry me sometimes lol! (like I should be talking...)
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